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Post Natal Depression Campaign

Suffering in Silence 4Children calls for an end to the neglect of 35,000 mothers with untreated postnatal depression each year A report from the national charity, 4Children, says a chronic lack of awareness of the symptoms of postnatal depression is leading to as many as 35,000 women suffering in silence from the condition each year … Continue reading

Reflections On Post-Natal Depression From NCT

NCT Response to 4Children campaign: Suffering in Silence Elizabeth Duff, Senior Policy Adviser at NCT, the UK’s largest charity for parents, said: “Postnatal depression is a complex and sadly relatively common condition which can affect anyone, and is recognised in men as well as women. Lack of support and isolation are often key causes, as … Continue reading

Real Mums’ Stories Of Post-Natal Depression

One of my key reasons for establishing this site was to share the reality of mums’ lives today rather than giving in to those daft ideas that we are either yummy or slummy mummies. As if life were that simple. After the birth of my second child, I experienced post-natal depression and felt so very … Continue reading

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful is a wonderful blog hop encouraging us to focus on the positives in our week, those things that warm our hearts of make us smile. It really is a useful tool for celebrating life and has an amazing power to get you through the tougher weeks too. 1. I went to … Continue reading

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