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Kid Cam Review – Peace Of Mind For Parents

Celebrating Mums reviewed the Kid Cam, one of the innovative new range of monitors launched by leading CCTV and surveillance vendor, Storage Options.

The Kid Cam consists of two wireless cameras and a companion screen. This means you can watch children in two different locations, say the bedroom and the garden. It really does help to give you peace of mind as a parent whilst you get on with other jobs but can keep an eye on your child too. Footage from both cameras can be viewed so it is a very versatile product indeed.

Both cameras incorporate night vision, perfect for watching sleeping babies and older chldren too.

We found the picture quality to be really good. Older children will spot the device and if you have them they may try and disable it by putting something over it. That is a discipline issue for parents to work out for themselves.

A car adaptor kit is availble to go with the Kid Cam. This enables safe driving without constantly turning round to see what the children are up to.

What we liked was how easy the thing was to set up in the first place with an instruction manual written in plain English. The only slight negative was the suction pads which were not the strongest in our experience.

The system has a range of up to 100 metres. It has built in rechargeable battery, including home chargers.

Overall, Kid Cam is a compact and portable system that makes keeping your children safe and supervised a breeze in the car, home or garden.

We were highly impressed.

Other products available for parents include;

BabyCam Car is a specialist baby back seat monitoring system, developed to help parents avoid the potentially-dangerous need to turn around and check on their children whilst driving – a habit, which according to research, puts them at a much higher risk of having a car accident.*

Working much like a Sat Nav, parents simply attach a compact wireless camera to the side rear window to get a clear view of their baby and to transmit a high-quality video picture to a display attached to their windscreen. The system is extremely easy to use and comes equipped with a host of useful features including night vision, a built in rechargeable battery with four hour life, as well as versatile window suction mounts.

BabyCam Nursery is designed for the home, and is equipped with wireless camera and a large 7”, full-colour companion screen allowing mums and dads to see, hear and even talk to their baby from any room across the home, giving them constant reassurance that the baby is safe and well. Either portable or wall-mounted, the monitor is extremely easy to use and set up, and is equipped with a soothing night light function.

Storage Options offers a wide range of surveillance technology products for home and business use. With an aim of making the installation of surveillance equipment as simple as possible, all products are supplied with a clearly-written and annotated manual and backed by a local-rate technical support phone line serviced by experts based in the UK. For more details visit: http://storageoptions.com


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