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How To Turn Supermarket Goods Into Wonderful Festive Canapes

Christmas feast ideas from Top Hat Catering – www.tophatcatering.co.uk

Hattie Mauleverer-Jones, MD of Top Hat gives her top canapé Christmas cheat ideas!

Canapés – little bites are always my favourite and can work better than a starter on Christmas day – you don’t want to fill people up too much before the big feast.

Don’t go for the supermarket readymade canapés, they aren’t that tasty, everyone knows they are shop bought and it is so easy to come up with something a little different. If you want some stress free, delicious and quick canapés, the first thing to do look for interesting bases to carry the food:

The cheese biscuit section in a supermarket is full of options;

Mini oat cakes –mix some horseradish (1 tsp: 1 tbsp) and crème fraîche and put on the bottom of each oat cake and put a sliver of smoked salmon on top.

Mini Cheddars/Ritz crackers – try with gorgonzola and a red onion chutney – Waitrose and Sainsbury’s have brilliant own brand biscuits and chutney. There are also a range of posh versions of little cheese biscuits, depends entirely on what your favourites are.

Croustades – there are usually 24 in a box– they are very fragile but perfect for putting a little bit of houmous in each and a peppadew on top

Mini poppadoms – these are a favourite with my family as they are more healthy than crisps. For a real cheat buy a chicken sandwich filling – chicken and sweet corn or coronation chicken, pop a spoonful on each poppadom and then a little bit of mango chutney on top – this would work very well with leftover turkey too.

Mince pies – Every year my family gets through so many mince pies – my mother makes her pastry by hand and she puts in ground almonds. As a cheat I would suggest buying readymade short crust pastry, and when you roll it out sprinkle some ground almonds and the zest of an orange on it, before using the pie cutter – this will add your own twist to the pastry. After blind baking them add some readymade mince meat – I use mostly cheap brands but add a more expensive one to the mix to make it a bit more special.


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