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Affordable Halloween Treats At Greggs

Little Devil Cupcake
From 65p each or 4 for £2.30
Heat up your Halloween with these innovative
chocolate cupcakes. Topped with swirled lime
and chilli flavour frosting, red pepper pieces
and decorated with dark chocolate curls. Try
one, we dare you. Not suitable for young

Toffee Apple Lattice
55p each or 2 for £1.00
Scrumptious diced apple in a toffee flavoured
sauce, wrapped in a lattice topped, puff pastry
case and sprinkled with demerara sugar.
Freshly baked in shop every day to warm you
up on a cold Halloween night.

Toffee Apple
From 69p each
Tingle your taste buds with a Halloween classic.
Fresh apple layered with a delectable toffee

Bat Biscuit
From 65p each
You’re bound to go batty for this treat. Ginger
flavoured biscuit covered with chocolate
flavour coating and decorated with sugar eyes.

Creepy Crispy Nests
From 50p each or 4 for £1.80
Feast your eyes on a delicious chocolate flavour
coated cornflake nest decorated with orange
coloured fondant and a sugar plaque eyeball.

Spooky Ring Bun
From 60p each or 6 for £2.99
A fantastic Halloween treat, fairy buns dipped
in fondant, rolled in sugar sprinkles and
decorated with a plastic Halloween toy ring.

Orange Creepy Cupcakes and Blackcurrant
Creepy Cupcakes
65p each or 4 for £2.30
No tricks, just treat! Vanilla cupcake, topped
with swirled blackcurrant or a chocolate
flavoured cupcake topped with a swirl of
orange flavoured frosting and decorated with
lime jelly and a jelly worm.

Slime Doughnut
65p each

Ginger Cake
65p each or 4 for £2.30
Simply divine! Gorgeous ginger cake, with a
hint of spice; a fantastic treat for a night in on

Tub of Mini Scary Biscuits
Why not try a tub of scrumptious mini scary
biscuits this Halloween? This tasty little treat is
great for sharing, or keeping to yourself!

The Spicy One
From £1.20 (2 for 1 price tbc)
Surrender your senses to succulent, fajita
flavour chicken breast pieces in a creamy sauce
with pepperoni, wrapped in glazed puff pastry
with lattice decoration and a cheese topping.
Using two chillis, this one really does deliver on

Double Chilli Cheese Topped Oval Bite
From £2.25
Double chilli chicken cheese topped oval
bite – Chargrill flavour chicken, green
jalapeños, sliced red onion, lettuce and
sweet chilli sauce with reduced fat spread.
400 calories.

Spicy Tomato and Chilli Bread Rolls
£2 for or 2 or 5 for £1.05
Spice up your life with spicy tomato and chilli
bread rolls with flakes of red chilli.
Perfect for sharing.

Sweet Treacle and Ginger teacakes
£2 for or 2 or 4 for £1.20
Try these sweet and tangy treats filled with
juicy sultanas and sprinkled with Demerara
sugar. Delicious toasted

For more information about Greggs, visit www.greggs.co.uk


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