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Balancing Families’ Health and Wealth



Many families could be delaying vital health care treatments unnecessarily when there is an alternative way to budget towards the entire family’s everyday health needs – a health care cash plan.

There are 7.7 million families with dependent children in the UK1, of which two million are lone parent families, and with the current economic climate creating more financial and emotional stress for many parents, it’s no wonder they’ve been forced to reign in their family expenditure to help face the increased cost of raising a child2 through a recession.

Health care costs including optical and dental fees are increasing3 and adding a further burden to the family’s purse strings. But trying to cut costs by avoiding recommended preventative treatment can lead to individuals requiring additional, and often more expensive, corrective treatment in the future.

Russ Piper Chief Executive at Sovereign Health Care says: “A battle of compromise between the need for everyday but essential items such as a new pair of glasses or a dental check up, and the cost of that treatment will be taking place across UK households but at what price?

“There are smarter ways to cover the cost of your family’s health which could help to ensure that the price of any treatment shouldn’t be a reason to delay it.”

For a monthly premium as low as £7.80, a Sovereign Health Care cash plan can help families continue to afford their everyday health care, such as dental treatment, glasses, hospital admissions and even complimentary treatments such as reflexology and chiropody as you can claim tax free cash back towards the costs.

Russ adds: “A health care cash plan is not like a traditional insurance product where you pay a monthly premium but only claim in the event of the unexpected. These plans are intended to be used regularly, helping people to budget towards and afford their everyday health care.”

Zoe Blackburn from West Yorkshire has been a Sovereign Health Care customer for 14 years. She says: “After having my children I reduced my working hours from full time to part time. Having my cash plan in place means I have been able to continue to afford things like reflexology because I can get half the costs back on my treatment.

“The maternity benefit in my cash plan really helped me to pay for essentials such as nappies and milk as I didn’t get a particularly good maternity package from my employer.”

Russ adds: “With a Sovereign Health Care cash plan, dependant children are covered at no extra cost on specified benefits and if you have one of our policies in place before you become pregnant, you can claim up to £400 cash back when your new born arrives.”

Suggested steps you could take to find a suitable cash plan:

There is likely to be a cash plan with a level of cover to suit just about every budget and every family or individual’s specific needs. Make sure you thoroughly check what the benefits are of each plan before you buy, to ensure that not only does it suit your budget but also that you will use it.
Cash plans are there to be used, so choose a policy with a simple claims process, with a minimal qualifying period, as you’ll be able to better feel the benefits of the plan.
Before committing to any policy, you should read through the terms and conditions on the company’s website so that you fully understand how the product works including the monthly payments, any termination or qualifying periods and whether any pre-existing conditions are covered.

Russ concludes: “It is more important than ever to be smarter with your money and a health care cash plan could not only help you to make savings but it could also give you the added peace of mind that you can affordably access treatments when you and your family need it.”

For more information about Sovereign Health Care and its cash plans, please visit: www.sovereignhealthcare.co.uk


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