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Guest Post From Choose About Tesco Clubcard Changes.

Three ways for mums to cash in on Clubcard changes

On October 23rd , Tesco’s Clubcard scheme is getting a serious facelift.

Earning rates will be cut in half – so £1 spent in-store will mean one point instead of two – and the conversion rate from points to vouchers will also change in many cases.

The drop in rewards, as well as a cut in the number of bulk-buy offers, is meant to fund a huge number of cuts across stores that, Tesco claim, will make it easier for consumers to save.

“We’re giving customers a more straightforward shop – reducing the number of promotions and putting the emphasis on clear and reliable savings that everyone can benefit from,” said Tesco’s Chief Executive, Richard Brasher.

1. Cut out brands

Tesco say their price cut will make 3,000 everyday products – including milk, bread, fruit and vegetables – much cheaper.

It’s the Tesco brands that will be getting cheaper, though – up to 50% less expensive than brand-name goods, Tesco say. Brand-name products will also lose those tantalising BOGOF and three-for-two deals.

In sum, buying own-brand is now the best way to shop for a household as cheaply as possible.

2. Reclaim lost points

As part of the big Clubcard change, Tesco are increasingly taking their loyalty scheme online.

That means now is the perfect time to reclaim the value of any paper vouchers you’ve ever lost – before you forget that paper vouchers ever existed.
Points can be reclaimed for up to two years after the vouchers were first issued so this is worth doing even if you can’t remember losing any. Log on to your points page online and click ‘My vouchers’ to see any unspent ones or just give Tesco a ring and ask.
3. Take advantage of cheaper days out

For mums, it’s worth bearing in mind that days out paid for with Clubcard points will be cheaper after the change.

A day entry pass to Alton Towers or Legoland will be £11 in Clubcard vouchers, rather than £13.

4. Get smart on earning …

In general, though, the best way to keep getting the most from the Clubcard scheme is to continue getting the best value for money by boosting the number or points earned and then spending them on the best value deals.
Tesco’s credit card offers an extra point for every £4 spent anywhere, for example.

It’s well worth bearing in mind, though, that as with all reward credit cards, the rewards will only be worthwhile if the credit card balance is repaid in full at the end of every month.

See the Tesco site, or ours, for more information on the cost of credit in this case.

5. … and on spending points

Spending smart has changed a little bit too.

Only the most popular Tesco rewards will be awarded by multiplying the points balance by four, the best exchange rate from points to pounds.

The most popular deals include meals at Pizza Express, Café Rouge and Strada.

This is a guest post for Celebrating Mums by credit card comparison site, Choose which covers 0% purchase credit cards.


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