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Emma Forbes Talks to Me About Motherhood, Success and Her New Book.

Delighted to hear that she is a fan of Celebrating Mums, we interviewed Emma Forbes, TV Presenter, Author and founder of lifestyle website http://www.forbesstyle.com

We asked Emma about motherhood, success and her new book Life and Soul which we review here https://celebratingmums.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/emma-forbes-show-you-how-to-be-the-life-and-soul-of-the-party/

Did you think you would become a mum?

Yes, I always wanted to be and hoped to be!!!!

How like your own mother are you?

Probably more than I think – sometimes I can hear myself say the same things to my kids like ‘It will all end in tears’!!!!

How do you differ from your mother?

I think this generation of mums is just different as parenting has changed so much – kids are so much more part of peoples lives than they used to be in every way – there is less grown up time and it’ s much more all about family!

What do you enjoy about being a mum?

Everything. Truly. I love it. Every different age has a different challenge, and I have loved all the stages, and I truly enjoy and adore my kids.

What challenges have you faced as a mum?

I think the same as many mums – in the beginning trying to get them to sleep through the night!!!! Both were not great sleepers, but I got there in the end!!

What are your greatest achievements?

It has to be my kids!!! They are a better achievement than any career!!!

What individuals helped you to succeed?

I have to say my husband…..sounds naff but its true. He’s been there every step of the way for me, and has truly helped me grow, realise my ambitions and be supportive…

What organisations helped you to succeed?

None really!! The BBC gave me my first break in TV so I guess I always feel a true loyalty to them for that .

If you could revisit yourself in the past what would you say

I would say worry less and enjoy more!!!

If you came across a mum who had an idea but lacked self-belief, what would you say?

I would try to encourage any mum trying to do something – I think a lot of mums lose confidence in themselves post children and they need boosting and that extra encouragement to show them anything is possible!!

We love your book, Life and Soul, due out soon. What is your experience of parties?

My personal experience of parties is that I adore giving them – but hate having one thrown for me!! Other than when I was a child – as I loved them then!! But I adore doing all parties – any excuse really from a childs birthday to a special occasion!!

What made you want to write Life and Soul?

I wanted to write my book as I think people often get too daunted at the thought of throwing a party, and I wanted to show that with a little inventiveness, you can create all sorts of party themes!!

Who will your book most appeal to?

I hope my book will appeal to all ages – teens might pick it up and want to throw their own party, and young and old should find something that they can do from it!!! I have tried to make it to suit all ages…

Times are hard for many families. Can you have a good party on a limited budget?

You can sooo throw a party on a restricted budget – food wise there are inexpensive things that can go a long way and be impressive but not expensive – pasta dishes for example or risottos!!! And you would be surprised how you can theme a party from things you already have – it’s a matter of just really putting stuff together…

What are the 3 key ingredients for a successful party?

Fab food, fun guests, and creating an atmosphere….


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