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Top 5 Tips To Avoid Danger At Bathtime

Essential advice from leading baby brand Munchkin

According to the Child Accident Prevention Trust, 18 children under the age of 15 drowned in the UK in 2008, with 12 of these being four years old or younger. It is vital that parents teach their children the importance of water safety from an early age to prevent any accidents from happening. Bath time can be great bonding time for you and your baby and is an essential part of any little ones routine. Whilst they are enjoying splashing about in the tub, babies and children are blissfully unaware of the risks associated with water and a child can drown in as little as 5cm of water. But whilst it is fun it can also hold dangers that you might not have considered, as five children die in drowning accidents in baths in UK homes every year. Here, leading global nursery brand Munchkin shares its top tips for staying safe at bath time…

Stay Close

In water, babies can roll or topple over at anytime as they can’t control their movements. If they slip under the water, they might not struggle or make a sound at all. A momentary lack of supervision can lead to disastrous consequences so it is fundamental that babies are never left alone in the bath. Ensure that you have everything prepared before putting your little one in the bath and keep everything you need, like towels and toys, close to hand. The Munchkin Portable Nappy Caddy will hold all of your essentials like wipes, lotions and creams with enough space for shampoo, baby wash, cotton wool and more.

Get the temperature right

A baby’s skin is 15 times thinner than an adult’s, so more prone to scalds and burns. Never put a baby in the bath whilst the water is still running and be sure to run the cold water first, then add the hot until you get the correct temperature. Munchkin’s White Hot Safety Duck uses patented technology to let you know the temperature of the bath water. Simply pop him in the bath and the word HOT will appear if the water is above 40ºC.

Taps are not toys!

Many older children are capable of turning taps on and playing with them, which could result in serious scalding. Smaller children on the other hand are at risk of bumps to the head, especially if they’re not paying attention. Covering taps with a flannel or small hand towel will make little ones aware of where they are and ensure that they can not touch them.

Sit or slip

Bath water should be approx 6cm – 8cm for a baby and no higher than the waist of an older child when they’re sitting down. Always encourage your children to sit in the bath, as standing or jumping around can lead them to slip over and cause an accident. Fitting your bath with a non-slip bathmat is a great way of preventing casualties from happening. Munchkin’s Grippy Dots are bright and colourful textured grips that will prevent little ones from slipping and sliding in the tub.

Sibling help

Older children can sometimes feel left out when a new baby arrives, but bathtime is a great way to get them involved with a new baby. It is vital that older siblings shouldn’t be left alone with babies in the bath. Parents can encourage siblings to help wash baby’s hands and feet and asking them to pass a towel or toys to play with. It’s important to praise and let your child no what a big help they have been so they can feel involved in the fun and excitement.

Munchkin offers a comprehensive and innovative range of bathing essentials. Designed to make bath time, stress free and fun for both parents and babies, the award-winning range offers a colourful collection of products that are made from the highest quality materials and are all BPA free. Log on to www.munchkin.eu.com for more or visit the Munchkin Facebook page: Munchkin UK.


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