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How To Get Your Baby To Sleep

Getting your baby to sleep can be a lot of work, and it can be even harder when you are sleep-deprived and exhausted.

Top tips for parents of newborns

Keep your expectations realistic. Plan for unpredictable, sporadic sleep for your baby – and therefore you – in the first few months.
Don’t try to sleep train your baby yet. It’s too early to let your baby ‘cry it out’. Since it takes three-six months for a baby’s brain to mature enough to establish a regular pattern and to sleep through the night, wait until then to try sleep training.
Never wake a sleeping baby during the night (with a few exceptions, such as a need for extra calories).

Establishing sleep patterns for your baby

Regulate your baby’s day-night sleep cycle. As soon as possible, try to teach your baby that “nighttime is for sleep, and daytime is for fun.”
During daylight hours, keep things stimulating and active for your baby. Play with them a lot and try to keep them awake after feeds.
Begin to teach your baby to fall asleep on their own, without getting used to (and then becoming dependent on) being held, rocked, fed, etc. The goal is that when your baby awakens in the middle of the night (as most babies do), they will be able to get themselves back to sleep.
After a few weeks (when you are not so sleep-deprived and things are settling down), begin to put your baby to bed awake and drowsy whenever you can, to help them learn to fall asleep on their own

Celebrating Mums thank Boots Parenting Club for these great tips.


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