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Summertime Treats from Aldi

Are you one of those people who always shops at the same supermarket? Perhaps it is time to check out Aldi and their very affordable Summertime treats. Celebrating Mums tried the meat treats for our family barbecue and were really impressed. Strong and pleasant flavours and no guilt in eating loads at these sorts of prices. Perfect for meat-lovers those seeking tasty extras on yummy desserts, Aldi is worth a trip.


All these meat treats are available from 9th May to 11th September at Aldi, whilst stocks last.

Marinated Chicken Drumsticks – £1.79, 700g

These tender chicken drumsticks are the perfect addition to a sizzling summer BBQ. Choose from two delicious flavours: BBQ or Garlic & Herb.

Marinated Mini Chicken Fillets – £1.99, 320g

With an array of flavours to tantalize your taste buds, these succulent mini chicken fillets are just the thing for any summer BBQ. Available in Garlic & Chilli, Lime & Coriander and Red Thai, there will definitely be a flavour that whets your appetite.

Spare Ribs in Glaze – £1.99, 700g

These mouth-watering spare ribs are the perfect BBQ addition, glazed with a tasty BBQ or Chinese sauce. You will keep going back for more.

Big Eat Beef Burgers – £1.99, 680g

Enjoy a BBQ classic with Aldi’s Big Eat Beef Burgers. With or without a bun, you can add your own twist to this BBQ staple.

Marinated Chicken Wings / Thighs – £1.89, 700g

Indulge in these succulent chicken wings and thighs, a great alternative to the burgers and hot dogs on offer at most BBQs. You can choose from Hot & Spicy Wings or Garlic & Herb Thighs.

NEW! Marinated Pork Loin Steaks – £1.99, 350g

These tender Pork Loin Steaks are available in a Chinese or BBQ marinade. Great for those who fancy something a little different at a BBQ this summer.


All these tasty extras are available from 25th April to 11th September at Aldi, whilst stocks last.

Marinade Sachets – 69p, 90g

These marinades are a great addition to any BBQ. Perfect on meat, poultry or fish, there will be something to suit all of your guests. Available in Hot & Spicy, BBQ, Chinese or Peppered Steak.

Garlic Mayonnaise / Mustard Mayonnaise / Chilli Mayonnaise – 89p, 250ml

Available in three mouth-watering flavours, Bramwells mayonnaise is thick, smooth and totally tasty. You will be spoilt for choice.

BBQ Sauce – 99p, 550g

This thick, sweet sauce is the perfect BBQ accompaniment.

Hot Chilli Ketchup – 99p, 550g

Enjoy this traditional BBQ sauce with added spice: just the thing to add to your burger.

Specially Selected Caesar Salad Dressing – £1.19, 240ml

This classic, delicious, creamy dressing is perfect for a sensational summer salad.


All these delicious desserts are available from 18th April to 11th September in the freezers at Aldi, whilst stocks last.

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream – £1.29, 2L

Deliciously fruity, this raspberry ripple ice cream is the perfect summer dessert, light and so creamy you will just want more and more.

Luxury Mega Crunch – £1.49, 3 x 100ml

Indulge in a Luxury Mega Crunch with one of three scrumptious flavours: soft, melting, vanilla ice cream with a core of delicious caramel sauce, covered with milk chocolate; almond ice cream with cappuccino sauce, covered with milk chocolate and crunchy almond pieces; or vanilla ice cream with hazelnut sauce, covered with milk chocolate and peanut pieces. There will certainly be something to tickle your taste buds.

Carnival – £1.29, 4 x 85ml

A delicious, ice-cold treat guaranteed to keep you cool over the summer months, with a sumptuous chocolate core that is covered in velvety, soft chocolate ice cream with a crisp, nutty coating.

Fruitz Ice Lollies – 99p, 8 x 40ml

With four delicious flavours of lemon, lime, orange and blackcurrant rolled into one, this ice-cold treat is enjoyed by kids and adults alike.


All these great drinks are available from 25th April to 11th September at Aldi, whilst stocks last.

Batemans XB Ale – £1.49, 500ml

A distinctive, well-balanced bitter with a refreshing, dry bitterness on the palate and a pleasing, hoppy finish, this ale is ideal for all men manning the BBQ.

Carlsberg Export – £8.99, 15x275ml

The stylish Carlsberg Export is a premium strength lager with a refined and satisfying taste. Brewed to the original Danish recipe, it has deep, malty notes and a distinct bitterness which make for a truly full-flavoured beer.

Church’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer – £1.39, 500ml

Church’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer is a great alternative to your standard BBQ beverage: spicy and aromatic with a refreshing citrusy taste. Just sit back and relax whilst enjoying this drink.

Taurus Pear Cider – £1.99, 2L

This refreshing pear cider is a great addition to any summer BBQ. With a crisp, dry and fruity flavour it is satisfyingly good.


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