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Get involved in skills swapping with Abbeyfield

Actor Geoffrey Palmer OBE, is currently launching a national initiative to bring the young and older generations together and enable the young and old to teach each other a variety of skills.

He is championing the generational skills swaps which will take place during Abbeyfield Week http://www.abbeyfieldweek.co.uk. (10-19 June) across the country. In his own words, “I’m launching the AGEnda Skills Swaps to raise awareness of the need for young and older people to spend more time together. The skills swaps will prove to the different age groups that their negative ideas are far from the truth. The swaps, which will range from cooking to using the internet, will help to build bridges between the generations as they learn from each other. I’m also inviting people to arrange their own skills swaps and share their plans and experiences with Abbeyfield online.”

Abbeyfield undertook research that identified a Top Ten AGEnda Skills Swaps list which shows that young and older people are keen to lean form each other. They want to:

1. Shadow each other to learn about the other’s lifestyle (young and older people)

2. Learn to cook from scratch (young people)

3. Learn traditional crafts such as knitting and sewing (young people)

4. Learn how to repair and re-use things (young people)

5. Gardening (young people)

6. DIY (young people)

7. Learn how to write a great letter (young people)

8. Learn an extreme sport (older people)

9. Go night clubbing (older people)

10. Learn to play computer games and use social networking sites (older people)

Abbeyfield is a charity with over 80 care homes, two nursing homes, 700 supported houses and 8,000 volunteers in the UK. Abbeyfield’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for older people.

Abbeyfield Week is an annual celebration that brings together residents and their family and friends, staff, volunteers, local figureheads and the wider local community to share in social activities, bringing the generations together.


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One thought on “Get involved in skills swapping with Abbeyfield

  1. Great idea,how can I get involved.

    Posted by nickimumof5 | June 3, 2011, 7:56 pm

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