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How, when and where I found out I was pregnant linky-up

Celebrating Mums wants to give the reality of what it is like to be a mum today.

This means that it will only work well if stories from different mums are shared.  So I will be hosting linky-ups and hoping that mummy bloggers will join in.  Every Thursday, I will talk about one aspect of motherhood and invite other mums to link up new or old posts on the same topic.

How did you find out you were pregnant?  Who were you with?  When and where did you find out the exciting and life-changing news?

I am one of those lucky women who did not have to try too long before conception happened. Let me say know how much I admire those women who struggle on to become mothers when the road is a difficult one  I only had one period before trying to get pregnant and finding out I was expecting.

However, because I like to be a control freak, this did not do for me at all.  I had a proper little tantrum about the fact that I had not succeeded in my quest immediately.  Actually shouted, screamed and threw things.

The next month and after a particularly “romantic” Valentines Day, I did a pregnancy test and the result was positive.

My partner was having a bath and I went in to the bathroom waving my little pregnancy test stick and saying, “What do you want for Christmas?” expecting him to see the result and say “A Baby!”

What he actually said was, “A  mobile phone please”.  Cue another tantrum from me saying he had spoilt such a special moment.  I had, of course, forgotten that he cannot see without his glasses.

I went off to work on the train feeling very special and already talking to my non-existent bump.  I have loved him from that day and he is the best “mobile phone” I have ever met.

Right, I am inviting any mummy blogger, old or new, to link up their posts on finding out they were pregnant and the circumstances surrounding that day.  I will promote all the blog posts linked up on Twitter and Facebook and encourage other bloggers to visit and follow each other.

I am having problems with Simply LInked so please email your links to mums-the-word@live.com and I will add them to this post.

Here are some wonderful women with their stories of the circumstances surrounding the day they found out they were “up the duff”.


Sometimes getting pregnant comes as a shock. This post is amusing and lovely in equal measure.


Sometimes a pregnancy is so hard fought for that you dare not believe it might actually be true.


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